Samples Examined to Verify Past Presence of Water
Through proper chemical analysis, old mineral deposits reveal their history. Part of my mission in 1978 was to examine samples of the encrustations of mineral deposits from various locations inside the pyramids and their various chambers, passages, and causeways, and from old Nile locations and various surrounding pyramids. We examined about 100 samples. Our conclusion was that water from the Nile had coursed through the pyramids.
Photo showing dark stains on the interior of the pyramid walls; note the stain level. What heat source or chemical reaction caused these stains?

Photo of the location of mineral deposits inside causeways.
Photo of the location of samples examined inside of various chambers.

Photo of samples examined from inside the pyramids.
Photo of sample being examined from the pyramids at Saqarra about 30 miles from Cheops.

Photo of samples being examined from the lower chamber in the location of the old Nile.
Photo of sample being examined from inside the pyramid.

Photo of mineral samples being examined in unusual underground channels near the Cheops Pyramid.

Proof of Invisible Electromagnetic Energy Created in Pyramid
When a pyramid is aligned to the Earth's magnetic field, north to south, and has a 51-degree angle on all four sides, like the Cheops pyramid on the Giza Plateau, it gives off this electromagnetic force field that can be measured and photographed by special equipment, like this Kirlian photo. Note the lines of energy shooting off the top and the edges. Hundreds of U.S. patents have been issued on pyramid devices using the exact angle of 51 degrees, which proves the existence of this energy field. As we proceed, keep in mind that this energy is available throughout the pyramid's structure even though it cannot be seen by us.
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